User-friendly narrowcasting software

User-friendly narrowcasting software
(With one simple click)

User-friendly narrowcasting software

Narrowcasting has many possibilities. And because of these many possibilities it is not obvious that you achieve the most from your narrowcasting. With the narrowcasting software of LeftClick the emphasis is on user-friendliness and a stable operation. Saving time and avoiding frustration. Get to know LeftClick.


Our employees could quickly get started and the software is self-explanatory.

Leiden, The Netherlands

What can the software do for you

Our customers are the driving force to continuously improve our solutions. By focusing on this we have developed software that:

  • Operates intuitive
  • Does not require installation of software/apps
  • Shows expressions standard in your corporate identity
  • Has the minimum risk of conflicts with hardware (malfunctions)
  • Runs on the most secure and stable operating system (OS)

The complete solution of hardware and software ensure that I have one contact point and that I use a stable system.

Weert, The Netherlands

What can the software do for you
(Safety, control, unburdening)
Provide your visitors with suitable information
(Relevant information)

Provide your visitors with suitable information

Narrowcasting is not just sending messages. You provide your customers with suitable information. From digital road signs to actual traffic information, from waiting times to available meetings rooms. Therefore, we also call this digital signage.


Since we show up to date information, our employees are always fully informed and our service desk receives less questions.

Steenderen, The Netherlands

Integrate various information sources

LeftClick makes it possible to integrate various information sources in your digital signage. You can smoothly combine weather forecasts and traffic information with information from your own organisation. Also links with social media and other expressions are part of our narrowcasting software.


We display Twitter and other news sources to keep the people informed properly.

Lieshout, The Netherlands

Integrate various information sources
(News source)
We keep it simple
(Easy in use)

We keep it simple

Our narrowcasting software is intuitive, extensive and flexible. Several screens that display any specific information, information based on personal preference, the possibilities are endless. And all within the easy to use interface.

Intuitive software

  • Easy to understand
  • Can be adjusted directly
  • Always up-to-date

One single contact point

  • Hardware and software from the same supplier
  • Short communication lines
  • Support in own language


  • Own lay-out possible
  • Own information possible
  • Can be personalised to visitor

An organisation that offers us a complete solution makes it easy communication-wise.

Breda, The Netherlands

Digital Signage

Our narrowcasting system can be used for many types of communication and digital signage:

  • Visitors information
  • Promotions and special offers
  • Welcome messages
  • Desk call ups and waiting times
  • Progress and objectives (KPIs)
  • News, weather forecasts and traffic information
  • Digital road signs

We were able to integrate all our wishes within the templates so we automatically keep our information up to date.

Doetlchem, The Netherlands

Digital Signage
(Information on the correct location)
Weather & Traffic
(Weather information)

Weather & Traffic

Two unpredictable factors that influence your visitors are the weather and the traffic. Therefore, your visitors appreciate to be aware of the up-to-date status of the traffic situation and the weather forecasts. Links with weather information of Meteo Consult is standard included. Traffic information is optional. Please make an appointment to discover how it can help your visitors.


Do you need an umbrella or not? I always really like to know if I can go home on the bike without getting wet.

Mierlo, The Netherlands

Management of rooms

For the management of rooms, such as venues and meetings rooms, we have developed RoomGuide. Our software seamlessly connects to all imaginable diaries and reservation systems. For the booking, reservations and management of venues and (meeting) rooms we have developed RoomGuide. You can read all about it on the special website.


In the past we had “full” venues according to the calendar. Now we actually have full venues!

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Management of rooms
(RoomGuide LC5102R)
(Day menu)

For hotel and catering businesses, a lot is possible with digital signage. With our software you can:

  • Display the menu
  • Manage reservations
  • Make customers order directly
  • Display promotions and special offers
  • Integrate all other narrowcasting options

More and more hotel and catering venues smartly use the possibilities of digital signage. We have many ideas and solutions to further assist your hospitality company with our software. Please make an appointment to discuss this without any obligations.


I let our caterer adjust the menu himself. It saves us unnecessary time and it is put neatly into our own corporate identity.

Helmond, The Netherlands